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A series of small events or actions.

Taken from Australian cricket commentary, refering to the grouping of where each ball lands on the pitch during an over.
Good cluster Warnie!

Dave:"I tripped over, stubbed my toe and spilt my beer."
Mark:"That's a bad cluster. You're gonna have a bad time."
by Šteggs May 14, 2007
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Noun. (See also facebook slut). A person who spends more time one face book making "friends" than spending time in the real word interacting with their real life friends.
Bec's become a facebook addict. She's more interested in increasing her friends count than spening time with us people who see her in person.
by Šteggs September 23, 2007
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The standard measuring unit for human faeces.
1 Couric is approximately 2.5 lbs of excrement.
Taken from South Park, Season 11 Episode 9 “More Crap”.
“It is a tremendous crap, Mr. Marsh. Your crap officially weighs 8.6 Courics.”

“Look at the crap I took all those years ago. Bono is now almost 6 feet tall and over 80 Courics in weight. No matter how you look at it, he IS still the record.”
by Šteggs October 22, 2007
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The occurrence of temporarily forgetting something that's in the back of your mind, somewhere. An embarrassing situation encountered when required to remember somebody’s name or when you’re a quiz show contestant.
Oh man! I thought a phrase to look up on UD earlier, but now that I'm on the site I can’t remember what the hell it was. Damn mental blank!
by Šteggs September 23, 2007
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A sex move where one person punches the other in the face, resulting in them getting a black eye. The punch can occur at 3 different stages:
1: Before sex. Most commonly performed by wife beaters.
2: During sex. Most commonly performed by kinky partners.
3: After sex. Most commonly after an ill recieved post-coital slip of the tongue. e.g. "By the way, I'm married"
In the first episode of Californication, that girl from The Nanny goes panda style on David Duchovny.
by Šteggs August 29, 2007
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Pyramid Rock Festival. A New Year's music festival held on Phillip Island, Victoria, Australia. 2 days of fun, frivolity and getting fucked up, with the help of bands, booze and beaches.
Dude, are you coming to Pyramid this year? Last year was awesome! I passed out after 4 hours and missed the entire first night of bands. It was still worth the $, though.
by Šteggs September 23, 2007
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N. Motorcyle attire company A-Style

V. Anal sex
Dude, I saw some A-style banners at the Moto-GP and checked out their website - their logo looks like 2 I guy taking another from behind. Now I know why they're called A-style.
by Šteggs September 23, 2007
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