Really big and massive (adj)
(the store, costco, sells food and other items in bulk)
"wow dude, that chick is so costco"
"hummers are ridiculously costco"
by melonoftroy June 30, 2009
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When a male’s fingers penetrate a female’s genitle area and uses the residual moist substance on his said fingers to give sample to friend and then proceeds to give sample to surrounding subordinates in general area
hey, Bryson just fingered and costcoed his boys on the tailtgate at the concert last night
by SPITNEIN October 12, 2017
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A place for cheap people to buy unnecessarily large amounts of a certain item. Now a slang term for really big things.
by GerardMyLove May 22, 2005
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A retailer that penalizes you $50 annually for the heinous offense of shopping in its stores.
Waitaminute, you guys make us buy 10 gallons of Vaseline, pocket $20 in profit every time, then make us fork over $50 for the privilege? Damn Costco, you a bitch.
by CrunchyCookie June 09, 2011
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A warehouse where all the fobs shop. Merchandise are usually bulked in large amounts. There is an abundant amount of samples where you can note that a large percentage are not serious shoppers and just "sample".
"Hey, have you noticed that at least every aisle has at least one fob?"
"Really?...oh yea."
by Kevin Liang June 22, 2005
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A place where it is always overcrowded and you never want to go.
Hey son are you okay? Yeah dad Costco is just overcrowded so it makes it hard to breath. Dad:So that’s why your purple.
by gklviglhffcgndx May 07, 2020
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