A collosal store that sells items in bulk. They also sell large items like bouncy castles or basket ball hoops. They also sell the BEST hotdogs!
Mum can we go to Costco?
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by shoethousond October 19, 2019
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You go

You get samples
You are happy for life (because Costco is life)
by QueenKangaroo July 19, 2019
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(adj) A European Spanish term used to define women with looks of goddess decent. Commonly used to inform male counterparts discreetly with attractive females in passing. The female term for Farmacias. The antonym for Walmarts.
“Costcos is a word used when you see something spectacular” – Lamont Patterson
by Cleveland Cavs September 16, 2013
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A sexual act involving peanut butter, and bird seed.
You pack your butt with a mixture of peanut butter and bird seed and then bend over and hold open your butt cheeks in a place where birds like to go. This allows birds to eat out your ass and feels really good.
Dude I went out to the park yesterday and got a great costco.
by William David February 25, 2008
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noun describing someone that is generally over the top, loud, big, larger than life to a point where it can be a little painful
She's nice but she's just a bit Costco - there's always a lot going on.

Just fucking chill dude, why ya gotta be costco all the time?
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by EG1978 November 07, 2018
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Costco is the closest thing to heaven because of its low prices
But to get into Costco you need to offer your money to jesus and you will get the Costco membership. The more you offer, the longer it last.
Guy 1: Hey imma go to Costco what you need
Guy 2: A big bucket of macaroni
by (Missing Name) August 21, 2019
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verb: to pay a fat prostitute very little for her services, it's like buying wholesale.
Dude, I think I'm gonna try and costco that big chick on the corner there.
by andmoo22 March 23, 2010
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