Underpaying a drug dealer by only five dollars but as a result being fucked in the ass by the leader of the drug ring in your area. Literally.
We forgot to pay only five bucks and as a result was forced to watch my friend be cortezed.
by NaughtyGreyhound317 August 06, 2012
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Basically, the most awesomest guy who has ever lived on planet Earth. He's very intelligent and means well. Also, he admires Lupe Fiasco. But eh.

Girls love him. Guys wanna be him. For real.
Person 1: Mayne, Cortez stole mah gurl.
Person 2: 'Bout time. He gets all the ladies.
by Paige;D January 03, 2012
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The boy every girl knows and wants and when you get him to date you you feel so lucky but as you continue to date him he goes way to fast and can peer pressure you without knowing it and the worse part is you can never say no
Cortez is a fuck boi
by Khandi.the.best.im dead August 28, 2019
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Basically basically the most awesomest guy ever he's smart and fufunny.He's very athletic he's very many great fufunny.He can cheer you up whenever you're sad he smells often and brings light to the world he is very loyal and he hates to hurt anyone that you love and who that he does he loves with the passion
Wow .... I really need to find me a "cortez"
by Ace_121312121312 March 13, 2017
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taking the cap off a bottle (typically of hard A) and throwing it away – burning the ships as it were – so as to make a commitment to finish the bottle that night
i cortezzed this tequila so you guys had better be fucking thirsty
by hasdrubal November 05, 2010
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the man, the myth, the legend...he came he saw he conquered...best pirate to ever live..
friend: that guy is like cortez
me: no one can be like cortez...its no competition
by i_e_jay June 08, 2005
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he don’t get no bitches and he works at walmart that’s about it with this guy
“man why everyone be hating on that man cortez?”
why not
by jovisstupid June 20, 2020
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