Developed in Montana, dragging main is a coping mechanism that kids use to avoid teenage pregnancy and meth use. Essentially the subject drives back and forth down main street for as long as it remains interesting. It may also be done on a bike or on foot.
Dude, wanna go drag main tonight?
by pribylsnbits August 10, 2011
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Indie rock band that became famous for putting their song "A Jagged Gorgeous Winter" on Rock Band 2
Kid 1- did you hear the setlist for Rock Band 2
Kid 2- yeah I now like new songs like the main drag
by roundtwentythree January 31, 2009
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An awesome indie band labeled by RPL Records. They should be alot more popular than they are now. Their song "A Jagged Gorgeous Winter" was featured on rock band 2, increasing their popularity. Their other song "Love During Wartime" was played during the season finale of the online sitcom The Guild. Band members feature Adam Arrigo as vocals, guitar, keyboard and glockenspiel;

Matt Boch-guitar, keyboard, bass, trumpet and vocals;
Dan Cardinal-bass

Jon Carter-guitar, bass, vocals and keyboard
John Drake-drums and vocals

As one can tell, they're a very mult-talented band with very good music
Josh: Oh man did you hear that song take them down? That was awesome stuff

Gary: Yea, that was by The Main Drag right?
by Spaceman_Spiff May 17, 2009
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