The boy every girl knows and wants and when you get him to date you you feel so lucky but as you continue to date him he goes way to fast and can peer pressure you without knowing it and the worse part is you can never say no
Cortez is a fuck boi
by dead August 29, 2019
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Basically basically the most awesomest guy ever he's smart and fufunny.He's very athletic he's very many great fufunny.He can cheer you up whenever you're sad he smells often and brings light to the world he is very loyal and he hates to hurt anyone that you love and who that he does he loves with the passion
Wow .... I really need to find me a "cortez"
by Ace_121312121312 March 14, 2017
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A small town in SW Colorado, where there is nothing to do but drag main and go to Wal-Mart. Also known as home to tweekers, teenage mothers, and the scattered ashes of broken dreams. Filled with trailer parks, rednecks, and methamphetamines, Cortez is a white trash paradise!
Billy - "Wow Ted, I saw like, 10 people I knew at Wal-Mart today!"
Ted - "This is Cortez, Billy. Whaddya expect?"

Molly - "I was gonna go to college and become a doctor, but I started tweaking and dropped out of school when I got pregnant at sixteen."
Sadie Jo - "You sound just like everyone else in Cortez."
by pixieishsallie March 20, 2009
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The main charecter in the video game Time Splitters 3: Future Perfect. Who travels through time to save the human race - he also has horrible humor.
Cortez - Its time to split!
by The Koaladude September 9, 2005
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one short mother fucker who thinks hes helping students when he is just sucking them off to piss them off
by thisisntjavierbruh May 23, 2019
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Cortez is a nasty human being, who is into boys, and love to jerk of
Wow cortez actually convinced a dude to let him smash
by Cortez September 4, 2019
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