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Cooliest: To Be of the BEST

Me(if used on urself)
Not ur friend }
Not ur parents} if used on another the meaning changes
Not ur neighbor}

Im teh cooliest
Neighbor you teh cooliest
Mom an Dad ur teh cooliest
billy ur teh cooliest
by Bernard Zygote April 30, 2008
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1)to emit cool vibes: when struck by said cool vibes, one must bow to said persons coolness
2)to express feelings when someone or something is beyond the word cool
3)Just too damn good
1)French sik pie is the cooliest!
2)This concert is just the cooliest!
3)You're the cooliest!
4)I AM the cooliest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by May 29, 2006
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2.The Best.
3.To reek of proverbial awesomeness.
4.To be ascertained as the "big man on campus."
He is SO the cooliest guy in school.
by Ponch April 28, 2003
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You know those dorks in school that think they're cool, and they're not.
" Oh, look there goes COOLIEST."

"COOLIEST, you are NOT hot!,"
and then COOLIEST would say:
"But, my nickname is COOLIEST!"
(COOL) hense the name
For all the sarcastic people out there.
by JADE*** afi February 12, 2005
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