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Any book that contains directions on how to make or "cook" a variety of substances, be it legal or not.
EX 1a: Hey John, where did you get that awesome salmon recipe?
EX 1b: I found it in this chef's cookbook.

EX 2a: How do I make the stock solution for a Nessler's reagent?
EX 2b: I dunno, check the cookbook.

EX 3: The local drug dealer was arrested and on the scene officers found a cookbook with instructions on how to make various narcotics.
by Matt..... January 19, 2011
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A book brought over by the aliens to Earth. Originally treated as if it were to help man and when the title was discovered to be "To Serve Man". When later translated it was discovered to be a cookbook. These events only happened after we put our full trust into the aliens.
Juliet: "Mr. Chambers, NO! Don't get on that ship, the book, i translated it. Its... Its a cookbook!"
by BearMan74 March 13, 2008
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A slang term for vagina often used in hip-hop music.
I'll bring the whip whoop, you bring your cookbook
And I'll fix that stuff up, everything will look good
by jyo January 14, 2006
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