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1. To force someone to ingage in unwanted sexual activities.
2. To total annihilate in an activity. see own, ownage, and pwn
3. To bother one
1. Kobie raped her!
Men can rape men and women. Same goes with women, ever heard of dildos?

2. I'm going to rape you on SOCOM Seals II tonight.

3. My punk music shall always rape my parents ears.
by Beedub December 27, 2003

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Underground white rapper. Friends are Slug, LMNO, and a few others. Eyedea's hugest highlight is appearing in Blazing Battles '96 in Detroit and defeating MCs such as Eminem, E-dub, and Shells.
Eyedea some day will grow up to be well-known
by Beedub September 10, 2003

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1. Conflict between two or more individuals, usually meaning the breaking point or most heated part of a beef.
2. Two or more individuals who are very well balanced.
3. Two individuals standing right in front of eachother. Usually during a heated argument.
1. Man, Shady/Aftermath and Inc are going toe to toe, it's about to get physical.
2. I don't know who will win the boxing match, both men are toe to toe.
3. My parents are toe to toe right now yelling about taxes.
by Beedub December 27, 2003

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Beef between two label companies; Murder Inc (Ja Rule, Ferrari Black, Irv Gotti) and Shady/Aftermath (Eminem, Obie Trice, Dr.Dre, 50 Cent).
Started when Ja Rule saw 50 Cent hanging out with a man who had in the past robbed Ja Rule. Ja Rule then started dissing 50 Cent and just like WWI, allies were drug into the beef.
Ayo, wuchu think about that Murder Inc and Shady/Aftermath beef?
I think Murder Inc got murdered.
by Beedub February 15, 2004

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Book that includes compilations of ways to make bombs, explosives, acids, and other destructive things with simple household products. Also teaches the reader how to perform frauds and other theiveries. Controversial material but allowed to be publicized but not comitted.
I learned that you could get high off banana peels thanks to the Anarchist Cookbook.

You can learn how to make shotgun shells explosive in the Anarchist Cookbook, they can blow whole fingers off!
by Beedub December 27, 2003

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Threat suggesting that the enemy should leave or be quite. The enemy may take the advice (see punked) or disregard the advice (see toe to toe or fight).
"I've got a bat with your name on it. Best for you to back the fuck up."
by Beedub January 31, 2004

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If someone has this they can't comprehend with the male penis real well.
This chick was trying to give me a hummer but, man, she had no sense of cock.
by Beedub February 15, 2004

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