The act of physically estimating a mans erect penis through his pants while on the dance floor with the explicit intention of estimating its size.
Based on my contouring last night he’s at least 8 inches and circumcised.

I contoured so hard last night.
by tinytrex July 20, 2018
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A specific style of (usually) heavy makeup that used to be exclusive to professional makeup artists, celebrities and drag queens that has made its way into the mainstream via the internet and tv personalities (in specific Kim Kardashian)

Contour makeup usually involves the use of lighter and darker shades than your natural skin tone to highlight (brighten certain areas where light would naturally hit or highlight features you want to enhance such as cheekbones) and contour (add contrast or depth or use shadowing to make certain prominent features such as a wide nose appear smaller)

The makeup is usually heavy as it usually requires more than one shade of foundation or the use of a separate contour palette. It also requires the use of different blending brushes and it can be time consuming as proper blending is required for high quality results.

Those who use the contouring technique of makeup often also use color correction concealer, false lashes, winged liner, tint their eyebrows, apply lipstick and "bake" to achieve the instagram look.

Because of contour makeup, it is quite simple for an average person to look just as good if not better than a hollywood celebrity. It has changed the dynamic of what society considers to be attractive and can provide a boost in confidence or make someone feel worse about themselves depending on the exposure they have to the trend and whether they are good at contour makeup or not.
Person 1: "Girl last night I looked HOT I was getting all the men, my contour was on point!"

Person 2: "yess looked great!"

Person 1: "yeah I need to learn how to contour so I can look like that everyday!"
by Ranoutofnames123 October 29, 2017
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A word used to greet or insult a fellow brother. A guy who says stupid shit.
Your a contour man.
That was a contourish move.
Bradley Woo.
by Bradley Woo May 6, 2008
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The worlds most sexy and beautiful car man kind has ever crafted.
Man check out that IP.II.IMI.IP in dat contour!
by Esteban March 16, 2005
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Contours refers to when you climb out of a swimming pool and your shorts cling to your crotch area giving a very accurate 3 dimensional impression of what your meat and 2 veg look like. Particularly embarrassing in large pools with lots of people. Can be avoided, but takes practise. Contours cannot be achieved in speedos for obvious reasons.
Bob: Hahaha look at Mike's contours! No wonder he's so shy!
Mike: Hey! That pool is cold!


by Daveypants September 29, 2005
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The outline of a figure or body; the edge or line that defines or bounds a shape or object.
An artwork about shapes, the black or any other color around the shape is the contour.
by EsEm September 11, 2007
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A brownish marijuana with trunk stems that is sticky that promotes a very psychedelic/energetic buzz. Common side affects are floating couch trips, bratwursts with peppers, trips to the Buddhist temple, and at times can cause a cerebal high that entails scientific proofs.
I don't want to walk downstairs. Let's smoke some contour and float down there on the couch.
by Cliff The Big Red Dogg September 11, 2006
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