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Contours refers to when you climb out of a swimming pool and your shorts cling to your crotch area giving a very accurate 3 dimensional impression of what your meat and 2 veg look like. Particularly embarrassing in large pools with lots of people. Can be avoided, but takes practise. Contours cannot be achieved in speedos for obvious reasons.
Bob: Hahaha look at Mike's contours! No wonder he's so shy!
Mike: Hey! That pool is cold!


by Daveypants September 29, 2005

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Taken from the awesome british rom-com-zom (romantic comedy - with zombies)'Shaun of the Dead', this phrase can be used in almost any situation to further irritate and already irate friend.
Ed: Why do we have to go and save Liz?
Ed: All right.......gay.
by Daveypants September 27, 2005

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The act of holding a bottle by its neck. Commonly seen at parties, inexperienced drinkers do it to look cool, holding the bottle awkwardly by their side. As they become more intoxicated, they will become more and more protective of their drink, just to make it obvious that they are DRINKING ALCOHOL!!!1one1
"Look at that bottle necking buckhead!"

"OI! Jermaine, quit neckin' that bottle and come help me bury this corpse"

"Man, Tobias is a total bottle necker"
by Daveypants December 30, 2005

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