to relax all day and eat a lot
by Nicole February 21, 2004
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state of being vegetable-like (unmoving and slowly degenerating)
"I vegged on my couch for a few days"
by Arrrrr...bagel... November 4, 2003
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To veg is to while away time in front of a computer/phone screen playing games. TV screens are also applicable with this word if one is playing games with the TV.
He veges three hours a day and does no exercise.
He is so good at veging - esp. on CoD.
by Mobot May 19, 2010
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to veg, vegged, vegged <sb.> (trans./intrans.): to meet <sb.> at veggie voodoo king
Let's meet! — Nah mate, meat is idle. Let's veg! — OMG yes <3
by duvud May 22, 2020
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A shortened form of Vegan or Vegetarian...
Usually used when talking with other Vegans or Vegetarians...
A. I have been veg all my life...

B. Are you veg?
by xacrox May 7, 2006
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a shortened version of vegetarian. used as an adjective and a noun.
Do you want to got to Steak Hut?
No i'm veg, i don't eat animals.

Is this food veg?
by darkmugan May 30, 2005
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a vegtable;
couch potato;
stoned couch potato.
by casey kocknobber June 11, 2003
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