A beautiful and rare Spanish flower.
Did you see that beautiful Consuelo?

Yes I most certainly did. The most beautiful I have ever seen.
by El Marino February 4, 2010
Can be shortened to Connie. A girl's name, admittedly unusual, but not a flower! Its origins are Spanish, but not all people called Consuelo are Spanish. Many Consuelos are very intelligent, are particularly good at maths, play the flute and swim. They make AWESOME sisters, and stick with their best friends for life!
1. Consuelo's my best friend ever!
2. Look, Consuelo has got 98% in Maths again!
by i'm not a maths teacher June 21, 2012
1. A fond nickname for a John Henry (see definition).

2. A girl's best friend

3. A large, perfectly shaped penis
"Oh, baby. I've missed Consuelo soooo much. Put him in me now."
by John Henry I. January 15, 2008
The act of being sneaky and awkward in a very distinctly Spanish way. Most commonly heard in the small city of Alcalá outside Madrid where the phrase recently originated, although some experts simply consider the verb "consueloing" to be contemporary nomenclature for a pre-existing but previosly undefined pattern of behavior throughout central Spain. Rocking a mullet and wearing large sunglasses has been observed to vastly increase one's chance of successfully "consueloing". So does being beat.
Damn, Antonio busted into two of my classes today, looked around the room and then just left, all without saying a word to the professors.

Yeah, he really does have a habit of consueloing his way around here in the mornings. He must get lonely. Sigh...
by don simon December 12, 2006
the biggest simp ever like it’s really bad how big of a simp she has turned into for this dude kinda worried for her
consuelo started a trial so she can watch basketball even tho she knows nothing about basketball and probably doesn’t like it just so she can learn about it because it’s his favorite sport. her breed: simp
by consueloisaprettybigsimp August 4, 2020
when you titty fuck a chick backwards and she gives you a rimjob at the same time.
Francesca's cleavage exposing dress lead to a great gnarly consuelos opportunity.
by yu sun November 14, 2008
A statement or declaration of victory or awesomeness. Used amongst friends to recognize comradery and the awesomeness of the present situation.
Arun : Alas, these doughnuts are fantastic. ELO CONSUELO!!!!!!!
Mon : ELO CONSUELO!!!!!!!!!
HarPer : ELO CONSUELO!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chuk : ELO CONSUELOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by The tiny man March 10, 2016