The most lovable boy you will ever find. He is chill and he is fun to be with. Unlike the names like Swaggy or Aadi
Hey Arun is here, Fun time starts
by Izzaie August 4, 2018
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Arun is the morning light, a stunning morning star. Arun symbolizes strength, passion, and courage. Intelligent. Feisty. Caring. Loving. Arun embodies everything that is good and true in humanity. The beacon of hope. The God of light.
Arun, the morning star.
by KhmerEmpress February 1, 2017
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Arun is also referred to as modern-day version of swaglord. Arun is often role played as when someone who is a professional memer.
I wish I was Arun but I'm just a lower class peasent.
by CodeNEPALESE April 16, 2019
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Arun is hench, he loves being around girls and girls love being around him, he is the biggest flirt ever, he has ripped abs and big biceps, however he always gets distracted no matter how big or small the distraction is & also he has a huge mouth and cannot stop talking.
Arun: hey sexy
Girl: oh hello arun
Arun: your so sexy
Girl: thanks
by bossman333 January 6, 2013
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Arun is the typical guy who would send you a horrible pickup line over text, and then gets bored of you very easily and goes on dates with other girls. However, Arun turns out to be one of the nicest guys ever, really funny and actually cares about you. If you meet an Arun, make sure to keep him in your life.
k: dooooode I heard you pulled an Arun
h: yehhhhh he's so lovely
by Urbangirl2.0 October 21, 2020
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