Adj. Agreeing to something; offering consent.
She was quite consensual, while the boys were quite sexual. You can imagine what happened next.
by Danjaye November 24, 2020
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The act of wanting and desiring sex from an individual.

Also See: Rapey
Meg: Damn. She's a fox. I'd totally go consensual with her anytime.
by Meg Putnam July 5, 2008
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ph; Phrase to describe mutal consent to partake in a gang bang.

They all granted a Consensual Consensus before the gang bang started.
Sarah agreed to take part in a Consensual Consensus before the gang bang started.

The 6 men involved also gave Consensual Consensus.
by The Fairy Sesh Mother February 8, 2020
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The majority of opinion. Usually reffering to a majority of people in a group that have agreed to something.
The consensus of the group was that they should improvise for the play :)
by 0wNaGe.LTD January 10, 2007
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CON - sensus: a wrong conclusion arrived at by "group think" and reinforced by the mob mentality of "group think".

"group think"

the death of individuality

mob rule
If you listen to fools,the mob rules!
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not what's right or what's wrong but what is "popular"

a "consensus" is just another fascist tool just like political correctness

or spying on the public with video cameras

or gun control

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A sexual predator who uses dating sites and social media to find, meet, hook up with willing participants. Though it may appear consensual, these predators are able to hide or justify their actions with the “mutual consent” position of the act.
Every day (insert person) is on their phone searching for someone to hook up with. I guess business is good because (insert person) has countless tales and notches on their bedposts. It’s obvious that (he/she/zie ) is a sexual predator. But because the other person participated willingly, it would be best to say, a consensual predator.
by Glamrockster December 14, 2020
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