An old "cult" brainwashing tactic implemented by the government and certain tv news media and talk shows where the group can be directed how to think a certain way by controllers within the group who steer the group towards certain conclusions thus giving the false impression that a consensus was arrived at democratically.
The "group mind" mentality destroys individuality.Draw all of your own conclusions about everything or you'll be utterly fucked.
by hippies suck balls October 06, 2004
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A subtle influence on a highly self-regarding and insular discussion group that deludes them into agreeing to dubious assumptions and plans on the basis that everyone else seemed to think it was a good idea... or at least no one wanted to be the one to speak up in dissent.

It mentally shortcuts past the process of examining risks and alternatives, assuming that of course the others have taken them into due consideration.
The Bay of Pigs invasion is often cited as a disasterous example of group think; how could the "best and the brightest" engineered such a fiasco?
by Amber at WM December 01, 2005
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A process by which persons who know very little or nothing about a problem at hand get together and work on solving said problem. Typically the end result is poor, and bad consequences abound.

To describe an answer to a problem that is poorly thought out or won't work.
1. The company's managers had a group think session that lasted 6 hours and yielded one bad solution to our budget problem.

2. You want me to do what? Typical group think answer.
by Chickens Wife June 13, 2004
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