41 definitions by The Fairy Sesh Mother

n, a noun to describe the type of person who upon seeing you immediately want to fuck right in the face with your knuckle,

v, a Fuck Knuckle is a person who would benefit from having their face rearranged on a permanent basis using only a fist
Sean: "Jo do you see that Fuck Knuckle across the street?"

Jo: "Yeah go put his face in a new shape, He's a Fuck Knuckle!"
by The Fairy Sesh Mother November 27, 2019
n, the day after a long sesh when you can't drink enough cos your dehydrated.

v, a place where you can rehydrate
Jo & Jack were just off a sesh when they needed to top up their fluids after partying.

Jack: "I'm so thirsty Iv already drunk 3 cans of irn bru"

Jo: "That's cos we are at the rehydration station"
by The Fairy Sesh Mother July 23, 2019
aj, not quite a relationship but more than flirting.
v, when you don't want a relationship but you need more than flirting.
Flirty Touch
Jo and her lover had a flirtationship because they are friends & more.
Jo and her lover would flirt & take it to second base with no ties or strings. Flirtationship

by The Fairy Sesh Mother August 31, 2018
Turbin dipping drowning sand beach sunshine watersports
Definition - to go turban dipping equates to holding a turban wearing persons head under the water until the bubbles stop when i stood on his head until the bubbles stop popping up i had turbin dipped him
Turbin Dipping to drown a turbin wearer
by The Fairy Sesh Mother February 11, 2019
ph, A phrase used as an endearing term for a sexual fetish for r*pe play.

A sexual fetish for those who like to use a less aggressive sounding name than "r*pe play," a slightly less intimidating term used to cause less fear around a sexual fetish which is completely consensual between parties involved.
Lee sent Jojo a text asking if she was going to visit that night.

Lee: "Jojo do you fancy coming over for a struggle snuggle tonight?"

Jojo: "hell yeah! Come pick me up!"

Lee: "Be there at 7.30pm!"
by The Fairy Sesh Mother October 26, 2020
v, a verb to describe the act of fucking someone who is clearly asleep in perhaps a drunken stupor. If a guy sticks his 9 inches of midnight man meat in a woman's steak beak while she sleeps he's had a secret sex sesh
Dan slipped his dick in joline while she slept.

He has a secret sex sesh, she thought she had a wet dream....
by The Fairy Sesh Mother August 19, 2021
A guy who slaps a womans pussy during sex like he's slapping his last £10 on a football coupon in the bookies
Steven slapped Helenas pussy during sex - he was a fud whacker
by The Fairy Sesh Mother December 6, 2019