43 definitions by The Fairy Sesh Mother

A guy who slaps a womans pussy during sex like he's slapping his last £10 on a football coupon in the bookies
Steven slapped Helenas pussy during sex - he was a fud whacker
by The Fairy Sesh Mother December 6, 2019
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v, verb usee to describe the combination of 2 drugs cocaine & ketamine the feeling can only be described as trippy as fuck!
Cheryl "Jo get the cokamine out"

Jo "Sure thing soul sista"

Jordan "Im gonna wipe my arse with a paki"

by The Fairy Sesh Mother May 16, 2022
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n, a noun for the aftershave that can only be found in the country of Israel. Jadore Lior is a scent by the famous Jewish journalist Lior Stein.
Shaun bought Lior a gift.

Shaun "Lior i have a gift for you its a 100ml bottle of Jadore Lior

Lior "Omg Shaun your too kind! Thanks so much!
by The Fairy Sesh Mother May 22, 2021
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d, a Scottish phrase used to describe Buckfast Tonic Wine.

n, a slang term for Buckfast assertained due to the violence that often accompanies drinking the famous tonic wine
Stevie: "Jim pass me the wreck the hoose juice over"

Jim: "here u go but this time don't rip the door off its hinges
by The Fairy Sesh Mother July 23, 2019
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n, the day after a long sesh when you can't drink enough cos your dehydrated.

v, a place where you can rehydrate
Jo & Jack were just off a sesh when they needed to top up their fluids after partying.

Jack: "I'm so thirsty Iv already drunk 3 cans of irn bru"

Jo: "That's cos we are at the rehydration station"
by The Fairy Sesh Mother July 23, 2019
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A word used to describe a combination of 2 drug mixed together. Digibase is formed by mixing ecstasy with speed (amphetamine). The combination is called digibase.
Tonight I'm going to a rave. I'm going to take some digibase so i can dance all night.

Sean "Jo do u want digibase before we go raving?"

Jo "Yes! I'd love some digibase!"
Sean "I have some stashed for tonight"
by The Fairy Sesh Mother November 27, 2019
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n, an intermediate draw is a noun used to describe the few draws of a joint when sharing it between 2 people. The intermediate draw is the extra few puffs the person gets
Damion: "Jo you can have rollers privelage & your intermediate draw then i want the joint back

Jo: No worries Baby I'll get my rollers privlelage & my intermediate draws & pass it to you
by The Fairy Sesh Mother June 18, 2021
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