Were from ct and were not rich. were from hard hittin new britain and were on welfare just like tha rest of the god damn city,and we alsogo to New Britain High one of the worst high schools on the east coast. 4000 kids and 10 fights a day 2 bomb threats and a Uzi a day. When people say CT is rich I say drive through New britain and ull change ur mind.This is what the students of New britain high school wear each day "RIP Chico" "RIP Shaniqua". my frend has 3 kids- shes 15.

You know your from New Britain when.....

-When lock-doens are a daily thing at school.
-When drug dealing is a hobby
-When yor freshman class has 1,000 kids then on graduation day there is 200
-Whens there 6 cops watching you eat at your lunch table
-When people ask yor where you from you say New Britain :they run:
-When theres hookers on evey corner
-When eveyone has a pitbull

RIP Chico, RIP Rashaun, RIP J-hud, RIP pedro
You live in New Britain,Connecticut?

Have you been shot,jumped,or car-jacked?etc etc
by OG snowflake and D-Lant September 17, 2006
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A tiny state where half of its population live with a domesticated chimpanzee while the other half will saw off one of their own arms as soon as it becomes necessary, and they all misrepresent their income in census time in order to keep alive the myth that their state is rich.
If you are from Connecticut, you are:

A) Living with a domesticated chimpanzee that may or may not rip out you or your neighbor’s face at any time.

B) You might at some point in the near future saw off your own arm with a saw.

C) You have and will most likely continue to misrepresent your level of income to the census takers in order to keep alive the myth that your tiny state is rich.

D) A and C.

E) B and C.

F) All of the above.
by Tradewinds November 17, 2011
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ahh yes where i live.
known for being a rich inhabitants to famous ppl such as oprah and 50 cent.
but everyone over looks the fact that conneticut also has the most crime rate and hartford conneticut is the murder capital of the world. with such ghettos as hartford, new haven, and parts of meriden yall bitches think we ritches but u aint know shit.
ghetto slang -
hartford - hottford
meriden - dirty den etc... etc...
"Yo nigga where u chilling tonite?"
"My homie got a crib in the dirty den, ima bout to step"
"Iight Ima be up in the webster peepin this new rap group"
"Yo be careful suckas be whallin up there fo yo ass nigga"
The Webster is a small underground concert type place in hartford connecticut for most rap groups and rock groups as well.
by Cryptik November 24, 2005
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a state in the USA in which, opposed to contrary belief, is not entirely filled with stuck up preppy people. there actually are a lot of farms and rural areas still. sure, there are rich parts, but there are also reeeeallllly poor parts. not everyone in ct is insanely rich. we also have a lot of sweet homegrown bands.
person 1: you're from Connecticut?
person 2: yeah
1: so you're rich, have a huge yard and play golf a lot?
2: no i actually live on a farm and most of my friends and i are middle class
1: oh
by durhamite October 10, 2007
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The best of the 50 states in the United States of America. Many of the country's, and the world's, richest residents reside in Connecticut. Connecticut is home the smartest people and the colleges and universities that educate them (such as Yale University). Connecticut is also the best state for athletics. Uconn is continually one of the top dogs in college sports. Even yankee Mark Texiera lives in Connecticut. Many actors and actresses call Connecticut home because of all that it has to offer. In addition, Connecticut is the pizza capital of the world. Pepe's, Sally's, Modern, and many other superb pizza places are located in Connecticut. No one actually dislikes Connecticut. However, many are jealous.
How is he so awesome?

He's from Connecticut.

Oh, that explains it.
by qwerty132065 April 18, 2011
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Richest state in the nation, but also one where most of the wealth is concentrated. Connecticut is known to most as simply a few wealthy towns in Fairfield County. Most of the state is less rich and unknown to the rest of the U.S, but the people in Fairfield County are so rich that the statistics are skewed. CT's cities are among the poorest in the country. The Capital, Hartford, is the 2nd poorest city with a population over 100,000 in the country and has been on the nation's 25 most dangerous cities list for a decade. New Haven and Bridgeport have also had historically rampant crime, and New Haven was the crack capital of the country in the early 1990s. Poverty and crime are primarily concentrated in these cities and some of their inner ring suburbs (e.g. West Haven; East Hartford; New Britain), but their overall metropolitan areas are among the richest in the nation. Connecticut actually has very little rural land, as the 4th most densely populated state in the U.S., but is rather, undergoing intensive urban sprawl in all its metropolitan areas, especially the Stamford area, where New York City residents are moving.
Much like the United States in general, most of Connecticut's money is found in only a few towns.
by Burnsidebro May 26, 2007
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CT is my state and yes its very rich, but we do have soem problems like guido's especially in new haven county, some heavy italian towns like east haven and north haven where these kids r gellin up all there hair like the gotti's and driving in bmw's and lexus's, tanning and all that.. the people judge you by wut you drive over here
yo man im from east haven connecticut where teh F*** are you from bro and wut do u drive?i bang way more girls then u yo

im from north haven n im drivin a bmw and ur still in that civic haha and no way i layed too b*tches last night bro..

OTHER GUIDOS: lets fight him he talkin sh*t yo
by CTBOY July 20, 2006
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