Dude thats heff!
I know man its awesome!
by Ryan Pater April 3, 2005
A subsitute for the words 'hell' or 'fuck'. Originated in Guam.
What the heff does that guy thinks hey's doing?
by (nick][dr) March 10, 2009
(v) to masturbate and then shower, but tell your friends you are only showering. Thus making them assume that every time you shower it is after you masturbate.
Joe: Yo bro you wanna meet up tonight?
John: Yeah im at home and im gonna heff quickly before i come meet you.
by Craiff December 6, 2008
heck & eff mixed together.
what the heff are you doing?!
shut the heff up.
stop heffing doing that!
by cicibopper November 18, 2009
A heff is a sigh but also comes with more meaning, it is another way of saying I don't care/ most mean words, you can say it under your breath or out loud to someone they most likely might not know but its a good way of saying it to a disliked one.

Mean words/maybegood

1.(of course) I don't care
2. Fine
3.I'm realeved
4. Leave me alone

5. Stop
Boss : " I told you to clean out the cash register! "
Woman : " heff!, I'll do it later" *smerks*
Boos : " well, alright then but this is your last warning!"
by darkskygamerr August 2, 2016