Informal way of referring to the United States of America, generally used by non-Americans, while most Americans tend to opt for "the US" when speaking to non-Americans.
I flew in from Heathrow Airport to JFK Airport in the states and immediately noticed a dead body outside the terminal.
by Rod_Jonse May 18, 2012
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A very cool show that used to be on MTV from 1993-1995
I watched an old episode of the state. Louie was Hilarious
by Bill December 01, 2003
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In the states you can get beer at a 7-11 but you have to be something like 24.

Why's that guy talking so slow? Oh, he's from the states.
by marko1982 October 16, 2005
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It means the gubment.

The state = most modern people's god
The world is gay...............
by Logic March 13, 2005
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The west and central streets of The Block (Vallejo, CA)

Consisting of: Tennessee, Maine, Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, Michigan, Georgia, Ohio, Carolina, Virginia etc.

Mostly older victorian house with several hoods strewn along the west. High concentration of African American and Latino.
Where you was at?
The States..
Fa sho
by M. Du May 06, 2005
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One of many Saturday Night Live copycat skit comedy shows that were popping up as frquently in the mid 90's as those terrible "reality" shows are today in 2005.

Other such notable shows were Kids in the Hall, Strangers with Candy, and Living Color.
I want to dip my balls in it!
by Hic January 12, 2005
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