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A slang term used for referring to the beverage Coca-Cola. Similar to Bepsi and pepsi.
"Hey, can you grab me a conk from the fridge."
by Crackonewiththeboys July 03, 2017
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A procedure in which the hair of an african-american boy is straightened through the use of potatoes, lye,vaseline,and soap. It is a mark of passage to adulthood and masculinity, because of the intense pain inherent in the process.
''Damn right, it's hot, thats the's going to burn when I comb it in--it burns bad...Shorty started combing it in. But then my head caught fire... The comb felt as if it was raking my skin off.''
--Autobiography of MalcolmX--
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1) one's nose

2) To be in a state of malfunction, due to factors other than wear and tear
by Gumba Gumba March 12, 2004
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Conk is when you fallook alseep/pass out
Man joanna conked out last night

"I'll Conk out if you comb my hair like that"

Man you were so conked last night
by Rolypolyland July 19, 2017
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a british term for nose, usually said when someone has a huge nose. or it can mean getting hit in a semi painful way- like bonked. or it can mean to fall asleep
Look at that blokes conk!
He conked me on the head.
I conked out at about 3 am.
by holyroman April 18, 2005
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a slang alternative for a human, or other animal, head containing the brain at the topmost part of the body . Synonymous with {dome, melon, skull, noodle, bean, brain bucket, cranium, block, and munkus.
He hit his conk hard when he fell.

His conk sure is thick. Just look at that forehead!
Look at the size of that conk on his shoulders!!
by Grumpy Monkey Pants December 13, 2016
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"I… hit him repeatedly on the conk. My reason for this was that his conk was covered with carbuncles, and I thought I should vex him by taking such liberties with his conk—which in fact I did."

-Quoted from Thomas de Quincey, "On Murder Considered as One of the Fine Arts," first published 1827.
by MaSh92587 March 08, 2006
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