When one is so confused, they are not only confused but are befuddled as well
Man, that test had me so confuddled.
by wordwizz18 December 7, 2017
Vv confused or confused aw eh time. A made up eh word n now aw ma pals use it, so it's basically a Scottish word.
"He's so confuddlin" or "Am confuddled"
by abbie170903 April 22, 2017
The feeling of confusion towards certain situations and ideas
“Ya know I’m feelin real confuddled right now like I’m not okay with this... I’m okay whichu tho”
the act of being so confused that you suffer from amnesia
the man became confuddled after the computer told him the answer to life was 47.
by Aleah L. January 8, 2009
When your confused and your brain is all fuddled
I'm so confuddled
by Skyler lover69 October 10, 2020
Confuddled is a state of confusion and being puzzled about something.
Mei was ‘confuddled’ as to why he saved that snapchat message...
by My name is not Jesus February 4, 2018