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Mei is an amazing person. Don’t ever question that. They sometimes get down on themselves but they shouldn’t because they are perfect the way they are. They are hilarious and always know how to make you laugh.... even when you’re in the worst mood. They can come off as a little mean but they are one of the nicest people you will ever meet. You can trust them with all of your secrets and they will be your shoulder to cry on. Mei’s are also crazy smart. They are very humble and don’t say it but their grades are very good. They are great in every subject and can blow you away with their knowledge. They can be crazy but in a good way. They have a lot of crackhead energy and will make you smile even on your worst day. Mei’s will always have your back and they are the best friends ever so keep them close.
Guy 1: that girl is so smart
Guy 2: of course she is, she’s a Mei
by HermitCrab88 February 18, 2020
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Reinhardt: "Mei, fuck you."
Mei: "What did I do?"
Reinhardt: "You built a fucking wall in front of the payload. Now it can't move."
Mei: "I don't care."
Mikestion: "Of course you don't, Satan."
Mei: "???"
by infothing March 20, 2017
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Referring to a pretty, sexy and hot girl.
She's so mei.
by ilovehimforever March 25, 2009
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Satan. She likes to freeze you and then slowly aim for your head and right click
They picked Mei? Looks like they’re going full toxic
Do you mean Satan?
via giphy
by My nam jef November 27, 2017
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Japanese word that means flower. It can be used as a surname
by MeiVerona September 21, 2009
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