Confuddled is a word widely used in the world, a mixture of confused and muddled it pinpoints the feeling of not knowing what's going on around you.
Guy 1 - Are you listening to me?
Guy 2 - Sorry what?
Guy 1 - Man you're confuddled
Guy 2 - I'm a what?
by Livvie_The_Tree_Hugger December 8, 2004
Merge of the words 'confused' and 'befuddle.'

Origin unknown; I have claimed to have created it before to my friend, who had also claimed the same.
This class confuddles me.

I am confuddled.
by Rabid Nozomi January 17, 2007
to be confused to the point where it seems that it could never make sense
Since I was talking about how to multiply a different way to my brother, he was confuddled.
by Roseapple April 29, 2018
Something that is simultaneously befuddling and confusing. Only to be used in moments of absolute befuddlement and confusion.
Friend1- "1+1=window"
Friend2- "That's so confuddling!"
by The Unique Mongoose March 25, 2013
confuddle means to confuse. infact, there really is no difference between the two besides their spelling.
Rocket science confuddles me!
by MyLadMicheline December 15, 2006
adj., confuddled
to be confused
"That powerpoint was confuddling."

"The poor confuddled deer was shot by a hunter."
by BobSagotFTW September 2, 2011