My friend was confuddled when everyone around her was bellowing and screaming at once at the bustling concert.
by villigirl October 4, 2009
What you say when you're so confused you forgot how to pronounce confused correctly.
Nuuuu... I'm so confuddled
by Inotspeakproperenglishplzhelp November 17, 2017
your are confused!
<fatez> your a confuddled type nigga
by Hitman February 22, 2004
confused an muddled, like when da brookstar smacks coop in da face!!!
coop:i want your sandwiggy
brookstar: shut up (smack in da face)
coop:*shits pants*arrrgggg!
by jon December 14, 2004
Confuddled means offering advice in an arrogant and condescending ''I'm better than you'' manner, often on ebay.
He did a 'confuddled'

He gave you advice that was probably right but was delivered in a way that makes you not want to take it.
by Malachys August 2, 2006
It’s a cross between confused and muddled, I’ve used this word since I was 8
I was really confuddled by that test