Something that is simultaneously befuddling and confusing. Only to be used in moments of absolute befuddlement and confusion.
Friend1- "1+1=window"
Friend2- "That's so confuddling!"
by The Unique Mongoose March 25, 2013
Bob:"that dinner was very bibbidi-bobbidi-boo"

Frank:" omg why do you have to make it so confuddling why dont you just say that it was good?"

This is a classic example of confuddling..
by Tanya Simmonds June 6, 2005
Merge of the words 'confused' and 'befuddle.'

Origin unknown; I have claimed to have created it before to my friend, who had also claimed the same.
This class confuddles me.

I am confuddled.
by Rabid Nozomi January 17, 2007
to be confused to the point where it seems that it could never make sense
Since I was talking about how to multiply a different way to my brother, he was confuddled.
by Roseapple April 29, 2018
So freakin' confused and befuddled, you are unable to even distinguish between the two.
"I just subtracted five ducks from my chocolate pudding and got the Constitution of the U.S. Are ye confuddled?"
by Mouse1010 February 13, 2006
confuddle means to confuse. infact, there really is no difference between the two besides their spelling.
Rocket science confuddles me!
by MyLadMicheline December 15, 2006