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The act of linking up or meeting with another individual
Example 1.
Boy - "ay baby hmu lets merge tonight"

Girl - "Forreal daddy I'm down to merge"

Example 2.
Friend - "yo Bruh I'm hungry af, finna merge tonight at 8?"

Friend 2 - "sounds dope cuh, later"
by Alltypesofwavy December 24, 2016
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A merge is someone who seeks to go with the flow, usually sacrificing ones individuality and integrity in doing so. When someone has a stance on a controversial issue but is silent when around a group with opposing views, that person is being a merge. Also applies to non-serious and humorous situations such as wearing the same outfit as someone else, even if on accident.

One who does not think for themselves.

Effectiveness of the term "merge" is increased when proceeded by a expletive.
Thomas was being such a merge at lunch yesterday.

Yeah, I know. Thomas acts like such a merge around Dave - he just wants Dave to like him.

Stop being such a damn merge and speak your mind!
by MTPictures September 29, 2012
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To merge is an act of strange movement when an object or creature will mysteriously move in a sidewways fashion in a direction. This action is usually seen in a split second as the merging object usually kills or attacks the watching creature.
Watching creature: Wtf that voodoo just merged ten lanes and though my car then it exploded?!?!

by Β£llis April 17, 2009
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lets merge that way!

merge over there

can we merge to the movies tonight?
by Jo November 29, 2003
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