feeling or expressing remorse or penitence; affected by guilt
( Contrite ) feeling or expressing remorse or penitence; affected by guilt
by joestpaul March 07, 2014
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Grief of heart for sin.
His everpresent contrition formed his original opinion.
by Larstait November 14, 2003
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As opposed to a war of attrition, wherein two or more parties wear each other down over a period of time, a war of contrition is a situation where two or more parties won't stop apologising to each other.

Usually this happens because everyone is eager to avoid confrontation but if often leads to further disagreement.
Motorist #1: Oh, God - I scraped your door with my bumper! Let me pay for that...
Motorist #2: No, no, it's my fault, I shouldn't have parked there.
Motorist #1: Well that's hardly fair, I should have been looking where I was going.
Motorist #2: Look, there's no need to get upset, I've said it's my fault, and I'll deal with it.
Motorist #1: Mate, this was clearly my doing. Let me pay for it.
Motorist #2: Listen here - it's my car, I parked it badly on this corner, I accept full responsibility!
Motorist #1: FINE THEN! *rips wing mirrors off motorist #2's car*
Eyewitness: That was a real war of contrition right there.
by FrankyBabes January 10, 2010
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A broad range of letters that may be reported by one person, which is meant to be an important piece of material, as analyzed and determined by Double D (DD)
My cousin stole my letter of contrition but left my expensive sneakers and X-Box
by DoubleD800 August 01, 2018
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