When having sex, the woman orgasms so hard that she shits while in the middle of the orgasm. If the partner is a man, gets shit all over his balls. If the partner is a woman, gets shit up her vagina.
My boyfriend split my booty last night , and after plowing for a while, became upset with me because I ended up composting him.
by TeaseMe_25 April 23, 2017
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Composting is a sexual act, originated by the Mormons, where a man places his penis inside a woman’s rectum and remains still without thrusting. Similar to “Soaking”, composting is a sexual outlet deemed acceptable for unmarried Mormon couples. Whilst composting, it is a sin for either partner to initiate frictional stimulation or orgasm.

Recently, composting has been adopted by certain homosexual subcultures and loose women.
1. Jebediah and Hannah enjoyed spending romantic time composting together prior to their wedding.

2. Composting is first base for Sarey. She has composted half of Salt Lake City.
by Jebediah T July 21, 2011
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Common word for a recycling heap in the backyard. Also used to describe a girl who is similar to a smelly, large pile of rotting and decaying waste.
See that fatty, she is so unwanted she is compost.
by Reece Evans March 9, 2008
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to post a comment on another's facebook post.
Their facebook status said the band was breaking up, so I composted that this was an utter tragedy.
by MrsFancyPants June 5, 2015
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The sexual act of putting fecal matter on a person, then throwing grass clippings on them, then using a toy lawnmower to smear it all together and then putting them in a recycling bag on the curb.
That girl was really a freak she had me compost her last night.
by Mr. Recycler March 18, 2019
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the act of not removing the ash out of a bowl of a bong or pipe. To throw in more smoking material (tobaco marijuana) on top of the ash and continue smoking.
"Don't bother ashing bro, compost that shyt "-willy potsmoker
by smalliebigs September 16, 2009
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The location where both people and animals are dry-farmed.
Dirty Mike and the boys just took me to the compost. Boy am I loose!
by Zesty Uncle August 20, 2020
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