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The sexual act of putting fecal matter on a person, then throwing grass clippings on them, then using a toy lawnmower to smear it all together and then putting them in a recycling bag on the curb.
That girl was really a freak she had me compost her last night.
by Mr. Recycler March 17, 2019
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by Francesco II March 20, 2021
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Common word for a recycling heap in the backyard. Also used to describe a girl who is similar to a smelly, large pile of rotting and decaying waste.
See that fatty, she is so unwanted she is compost.
by Reece Evans March 09, 2008
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to post a comment on another's facebook post.
Their facebook status said the band was breaking up, so I composted that this was an utter tragedy.
by MrsFancyPants June 04, 2015
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the act of not removing the ash out of a bowl of a bong or pipe. To throw in more smoking material (tobaco marijuana) on top of the ash and continue smoking.
"Don't bother ashing bro, compost that shyt "-willy potsmoker
by smalliebigs September 16, 2009
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