This is slang in military circles for fraternizing sexually between officers and enlisted members.
I went to frictionize with Sgt. Suzy last night!
by I, Wreckerrr November 14, 2020
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Referring to a ladies genital area or vaginal passage being too large or wide that the penis doesn't touch the sides
Michael: "I'm not the biggest but not the smallest either, butbi was doing her and there was just NO FRICTION. So I asked her if I could do her up the back end but she just told me to fuck off!!!
by duringthewar May 17, 2015
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when two surfaces make contact and form resistance.
I got friction last night until 3 am!
by lordgrammardorf July 25, 2008
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tension between two people, often in a relationship (sexual, friendship or business)
There's so much friction between Samantha and her boss lately
by Andrew Kismet August 20, 2003
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Not only is "friction" one of the best words, as well as most sexual, but, come one, wonderful things come from friction...mostly orgasms, and what's better than an orgasm? Very few things.
by Elley Chaos May 25, 2003
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When you are watching television and start yelling at it.
friction: " *watching a horror movie* Common, dumbass, don't go in the room! Stupid bitch, she's gonna die"
by hashfag SYDNEY!!! :O June 12, 2012
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