When someone drives a humongous lifted pickup truck b/c they have a chode or aka tiny penis.
"Look at that lifted truck, that's a big truck!" "Yeah that person is definitely driving a compensator!"
by assassin88man August 30, 2014
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Someone who tries to make up for his lack of personality by trying to dress popular; a poser.
Did you see that guy wearing the shades indoors? He's no Wesker. He must be a compensator!
by Durango June 24, 2006
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1. the act of offsetting an error, defect, or undesired effect (such as a small penis, or lack of being fly) by being or doing something superfluously grandiose (such as flaunting a kick ass ride or building a third floor on a two story building to make its residents fallaciously feel hip).

2. see compensation, compensate
hot blonde girl: You think I should bang that guy with the lambourghini?
hot brunette girl: who? that short guy?!
hot blonde girl: yeah.
hot brunette girl: Ew! No! He's totally compensating.
hot blonde girl: Whatever! He's got a lambourghini.
hot brunette girl: I was talking about his penis.
hot blonde girl: Oooh...ew, never mind.

Endowed Resident 1: Why does that dorm have three floors when the other dorms only have two?
Endowed Resident 2: They're compensating.
Endowed Resident 1: For their picos pequeños?
Endowed Resident 2: That and cause they're really lame.
Endowed Resident 1: True.
by Kitchen President September 01, 2009
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Hiding the fact that you have a tiny dick, by wearing large objects.
If a guy is eating a 7in. hot dog, he is probably compensating.
by AdvancedCheatah November 29, 2017
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When a person supplements fake objects also known as proxy's in the hopes of owning the originals eventually.
Player A: Hey do you own a version of that proxy.
Player B: No but one day I will!
Player A: Oh so you are compensating then!
by The Blacker Lotus February 18, 2020
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Pronunciation key( Com-pen-sayt)
1. To make up for something that you don't have.
2. see compensation
1.Dude, He's just blowing smoke 'cause he's compensating for not having a good computer.

2.|\/|4|\|!!!! 1'|\/| go1|\|g 7o |<111 7|-|a7 guy on <5!!!(Man!!!!, I'm going to kill that guy on CS)
me: Dude, you're 1337 sucks. stop trying to compensate 'cause you don't have his skills
by Me-hung-low August 14, 2006
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