A woman who loves little kids a bit too much. Shouldn't be let anywhere near a daycare or preschool and should be in jail. AKA a female predator
"That woman is a total Colleen Ballinger dude!"

"Don't go near that woman, little Timmy! She's a Colleen Ballinger!"
by Fishy Mann July 10, 2023
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Colleen Ballinger is a YouTuber, comedian, actress, singer, writer, manipulator, and narcissist. Ballinger is best known for her annoying character Miranda Sings on "Haters Back Off." She tours with a live show that allows her to victimize and embarrass her audience. She has been accused of being inappropriate with children, more specifically in her group chat "Colleney's Weenies." Ballinger communicated with minors about sexual positions, and other inappropriate subjects. Adam McIntyre filed a police report and posted a video describing how Colleen manipulated him into free labor, groomed him, and gaslit him. She also sent him lingerie in the mail, then she tried to say it was a joke taken out of context. Another victim, Becky (16 years old at the time), is in a newly resurfaced Twitter/TikTok video; Colleen is standing over the girl, Becky was lying on her back. The teen was asked to participate in a "yoga challenge" in which Colleen pushed the girl's legs apart and a fart noise is played.

Becky was not dressed for this, stating "...Colleen is spreading my legs basically, as far as she can, she spread them so far that you can see the spandex I was wearing under my romper." She was left feeling violated and unsafe: when she left to get in her car, she noticed men staring at her in a predatorial way. Needless to say, this woman is dangerous and needs to be canceled so that she can no longer use her "fame" to manipulate children.
Person 1: "What is the name of that super annoying chick who is in that stupid 'Haters Back Off' show?"
Person 2: "Oh the child predator? Her name is Colleen Ballinger."
Person 1: "Yeah, I'm so glad she ruined her career and marriage with that horrific unapologetic apology video with the ukulele."
by Just an Average Jess July 1, 2023
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Child abusing youtuber who is Supposedly not a groomer, just a loser
Colleen Ballinger : I am not a Groomer, Just a Loser
A: Damn bitch shut the fuck up
by Cestrum August 6, 2023
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Colleen "Epstein" Ballinger (aka Miranda Rights) is a professional ukulele player and singer who was born in Ni'ihau, Hawaii, in November 21, 1986. She is known for her famous songs about trains and cats. According to her hit song "hi." she identifies as a rat with a narcissistic personality.
In 2014, she started performing concerts in her mother's basement at the age of 28. She regularly invited children (also referred to as Colleeny's Weenies) to her basement, where she gave children cheese balls from her pants and forced kids to do yoga. She had a section of her concerts called "Korn" where she addressed the issues of Kornography and called young children onstage to shame them for being Korn fans. Colleen has had multiple collaborations with artists like Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley.
Colleen Ballinger also had a background in acting. She was featured in various movies such as "Angry Birds 2: Electric Boogaloo", "Ralph DDoS's the Internet", and "Ukulele (2016)".

Later in 2023, she went on to make a Youtube Channel, which has amassed over 10 subscribers. Recently, she has been caught up in a controversy about grooming her 2 Persian cats, who have been speaking about possibly taking legal action.
Colleen has responded to this with her newest song "'Responding' to allegations dragging by out a ukulele song for 10 fucking minutes"
Other popular songs by Colleen include "I love Little Boys", "Lingerie Delivery", "Fat Mexicans", and "Are you a virgin?"
Person 1: Have you heard Colleen Bal-lingerie's hit song "Sunset at Epstein Island"
Person 2: No, I bet it sounds lovely though. Colleen Ball-Slinger is a great ukulele player.

Colleen Ballinger: g, g7, c, d7
by EEPIC July 15, 2023
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A Z-list “celebrity” who complains about everything in life.
Don’t be such a Colleen Ballinger! There are people who cannot afford groceries and you’re complaining about your new $6 million dollar mansion.
by ColdAnalyst November 22, 2022
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Social Media Influencer mostly known by the name ‘Miranda Sings’ , Her phenomenon. She was formerly known as Colleen Evans, married to Joshua Evans (JoshuaDTV or JoshuaDTown)
she loves taco bell, christmas, her cats(Daisy Mae & Augustus ‘GusGus’ Gloop.) and her perfect day/night is sitting by the fire and hanging out with her family.
oh my gosh! did you know that Colleen Ballinger plays Miranda Sings? I thought Miranda was a real person
by ballinger fan November 20, 2017
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Colleen Ballinger is an amazing social media influencer. She is married to Erik Stocklin and has a beautiful baby, Flynn Timothy Stocklin, who was born December 10, 2018. She is very close to her family, Rachel Ballinger, The Ballinger Family and friends including JoJo Siwa, Rosanna Pansino, and many other social media influencers. She became famous from her personality, Miranda sings
“Did you see Colleen Ballingers new vlog? Flynn was so cute!”
by skatergirl_8D August 7, 2019
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