freaked out, scared, unnerved by abnormal events of unknown origin.

Manipulated by psychological means into questioning ones own sanity (Oxford).
"There had been a few days of being gaslit by the squirrels—hearing tiny claws skittering across the wood floors," wrote Anna Schmitz.
by Fried Hog February 12, 2015
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the process of gasliting someone
the levels of gaslition that he speaks is astronomical
by zachariah’s June 10, 2022
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A contrastive parallelism antithetical proverb potentially originating from the Rapper Holly Flo in the song 'Gaslit.'

The assured and relaxed state of being during times contradictory times (potentially due to consumption of psychedelics in earlier life) in which victims are able to decipher propaganda, identify and reject the gas lighting abuser/ institution and simply opt out/get high instead.

'Pls note get 'high' could represent a range of nouns from raising your vibration to forgetting where you live.
"Did you wear a mask to the rave?
Lol, I get lit, not Gaslit."

When the asylum patients realise it's the doctors who are mad "I, I don't know what to do...I think I'll have a doobee, do you want one too?........
Don't sweat it bbz It's not you it's them bbz. let's get lit, not Gaslit"
by HoeFlo July 26, 2021
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