The name MacIntyre (from Scottish Gaelic Mac an t-Saoir), means "son of the carpenter." Although no documented history of the clan exists, it is most commonly said to descend from Maurice Mac Neil a nephew of Somerled, the great 12th century leader of the Scottish Gaels
McIntyre is just irish people ya crazy
by Guberif March 21, 2015
A person who farts or belches loudly in a public setting and believes it's charming
brad farted loudly at his daughters pink princess party and proudly proclaimed "that was a good one!" Party goers whispered "he's such a McIntyre"
by Cvn76rn November 5, 2016
To be humiliated in front of many people, by way of nudity. Comedian Michael McIntyre was performing on stage when another comedian pulled his pants down. It has been told members of the audience commented on the small nature of the scene.
Billy got McIntyred when his shorts got caught on the fence as he was climbing over in front of the entire school.
by prizerooster September 25, 2010
Creating a false observation, then convincing your particular audience it really occurs, in order to make a joke a about it. This particular type of comedy has been utilised to profound effect by the hugely overrated Michael Mcintyre
Dude you know when you're walking along and randomly start sneezing every 3rd step you take?
Shut up douchebag, you're so shit at Mcintyrism.
by Gigga n00b August 14, 2010
The McIntyre Effect is a condition that effects teens through young adults. It begins when an attractive person decides to talk to someone for the sole purpose of friendship. As the relationship continues, the friend of the attractive one starts to catch feelings which are unreciprocated. If they are reciprocated, then they don’t have this condition. Once the McIntyre Effect is taking place, aside from the friend being banished to the friendzone , one of two things happen. A) The friend gets their head on straight and is able to move on feelingwise from the attractive one and the friendship continues. Or B) The friend becomes hung up on them and the friendship inevitably ends. There are other possibilities, however the chance of the, occurring are little to none.
Aidan: “Yo I’ve been talking to Olivia for a while and I’m going to try to take it to the next level with her.”

Caleb: “Olivia is just a really friendly, fun, person and you’re misreading signs. The McIntyre Effect has taken hold. Your options are slim.”
by Palakazam January 10, 2019
Destroyer of spines.
"Dude what happened to Trent Baretta? I heard he died..."

"Drew McIntyre happened."
by avengedietsoda January 1, 2011
A stand up comedy LEGEND(:

Michael McIntyre was raised in Hampstead, London. He was educated at the all-boys Arnold House School and attended Merchant Taylors' School, Northwood for 3 years before moving to a state secondary school.His Canadian father, Ray Cameron, was the producer, writer and director of The Kenny Everett Television Show and his part-Hungarian mother, Kati, was a dancer. McIntyre's parents divorced when he was seven, after which his father remarried and moved to Los Angeles. His father died of a heart attack when McIntyre was 17.

He attended Edinburgh University for a year before dropping out.McIntyre has claimed that he cannot remember whether it was biology or chemistry that he studied while there.

Mcintyre's first DVD Live & Laughing is the fastest selling debut stand-up DVD ever.He was nominated at the 2008 British Comedy Awards for Best Live Stand-up and nominated at the 2009 South Bank Show Awards for Best Comedy. In 2008 he was the fastest selling comedian at the Edinburgh Festival and sold out five nights at the London's 3600 capacity Hammersmith Apollo

McIntyre described his style of comedy in an interview with the BBC:

“ I don't really do jokes, I just talk about things that I find funny. I tend to laugh at them myself as well because I find them funny. I don't do gags, just observational comedy. I just collect all these stories and try them out and if people laugh I do them again and make them better."

He's been on such shows as:
Charlotte Church Show
Graham Norton Show
Mock The Week
Have I Got News for You
Big Fat Quiz of The Year
Friday Night With Johnathan Ross
Big Brothers Big Mouth
'Hey did you see Michael McIntyre on Mock The Week last night?'

'Yeah, he was hilarious'
by ZoeyFOOL February 17, 2009