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When a female/any person with a vagina rubs her vaginal area on someone else, especially while that person is sleeping, passed out or otherwise occupied.

Coffee grind is also less commonly used to describe rubbing the vaginal area on a willing partner during foreplay.
"Kelly, don't bother coffee grindin' that guy - he's just pretending to be asleep!"

"Quick, grab the camera! Katie's giving Brad a mad coffee grind!"
by Blue Honey November 27, 2007
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When someone rubs or grinds their ass crack on someone or something leaving behind a coffee colored stain that smells and tastes like feces.
I took Will's hat in the bathroom and coffee grinded it. Now it smells like my ass!
by Xo'clock November 10, 2009
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Rubbing the crack of one's unclean ass against someone else's face in a act of degradation. The act itself is not unlike pissing on someone when they're down.
After he beat him up, he sat on his face and gave him a serious coffee grind.
by sweatypig May 04, 2011
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