A game full of Camping and crouch walking Corner posted idiots!!!
I don’t play Modern Warfare because they camp too much!
by MWBlackoppsGod November 20, 2019
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The game that everyone with no brain plays
Guy 1: hey, have you seen jack?

Guy 2: yeah, I saw him playing Modern Warfare
by Hffhhf April 25, 2020
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Proof that all future wars will be won through the use of grenade spamming, people getting killed by a held knife from 30 feet away, and future soldiers regenerating their bullet wounds unless shot 5 times within 10 seconds, while coming back to life slightly out of the action if killed.
"Damn it! They brought out the noob tubes again! FALL BACK!"

-Modern Warfare Player #5000000
by MW2Troll July 26, 2010
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Andy: Bro what’s wrong?
John: Bro when I trying to cross the motherfucking street in modern warfare 2019 Some Campers fucking shot me to death

Andy:Oh Ok?
by LindFich April 09, 2020
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The reason most people are going to buy Infinite Warfare. Taking the amazing game from 2007 and making it look like it came out this year.
Can't wait to get Modern Warfare remastered! I also get Infinite Warfare for free along with it but I could care less about that game.
by Assassin aprentice November 03, 2016
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A sudden absence from: work, school, other important events; that coincides with the release of a new video game
Bill: Where's Steve, he hasn't been at work today?
Ted: Well, the new Call of Duty game just came out.
Bill: Oh, he's got a case of the Modern Warfare Flu
by ThisGuy457 November 12, 2009
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America's new form of military draft. Makes young american males want to join the ground forces because they play too much MW2.
Dumb kid: Yeah im gonna join the army when i grow up cuz i like guns and shooting people in the face on Modern Warfare 2. this one time i got a 10 killstreak and only 30 deaths and i like to use stopping power to make my bullets stronger and i'll always know where the enemies are because i'll have a UAV radar in the top left corner of my screen and if i get shot it'll only hurt for 5 seconds and then i'll recover and i like to rush around corners and this one time i got 2 helicopters and i killed this noob with a grenade and then i spawned behind their hole team and knifed them lololololol and then oh yeah im almost level 70 and then.....
by Keegor Sweet December 12, 2009
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