You absolute is a phrase that can turn any word into an insult if put before the word.
by Partykiller June 13, 2018
The moment when the "non-heap" can victoriously stand over someone and declare them "an absolute heap"
by Chunderboy October 28, 2010
the person gets no fucking female's and should get some
A fuckboy named Timmy: hahaha you failed.
A n8gga that absolutely gets bitches: hop off my tip you get absolutely no bitches
One of the greatest insults of all time. Originally said by Johnathan Andrew Wicker, Junior on June, 18, 2019
Johnathan said this to Edan, "Okay, goodbye, Edan. I just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed the good times we've had. However, I truly hate you--like, I absolutely hate your fucking guts," Edan killed himself shortly after
by the milk man667 June 13, 2019