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1. An extremely irratating person, a total jerkoff.

2. Semen, sperm, cum, load...
"Hey cocksnot...join the queue like everyone else"

"She swallows cocksnot like a trooper"
by B3NN0 May 19, 2007
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Originating in the 1990's, Cock snot refers to a male's ejaculatory secretions
by dudu September 17, 2003
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semen,manjuice,cum, the seed,
When he spent his load deep in her craterlike vault she said "when you pull out don't drag your dick on my thigh and get cock snot all over me!"
by Anonymous December 28, 2002
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A cocksnot is the residual drip of semen left hanging from then end of you penis after sexual intercourse.
Pass the kleenex dear ive got a right cocksnot.
by Codiak July 31, 2003
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gooey semen. ie snot like consistency substance secreted from the cock
You look hot with my cock snot of your face bitch.
by Ross August 29, 2003
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