Cockey is a Canadian sport invented on Saturday, August 14th, 2010. It was invented by two teenage girls (names unknown). Cockey combines the techniques of croquet with the style of field hockey. It was invented in a backyard by two BFF`s and is intended to be a competitive game for any one over the age of 3.
I hit the cock so hard!
Dayum that Cockey game is so intense!
by Assey/mavis August 18, 2010
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out of balance, needs straightening.
That picture is cockeyed.
by Harley Duncan January 27, 2005
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When a male child is born without eyelids and the doctors use the left over skin from circumcision to make a set of eyelids.
Doctor: it's ok miss, we haven't circumcised him yet, we'll just use the extra skin to make him a set of eyelids.
Mother: You can't do that he'll be cockeyed.
Doctor: Well thats true, but just think of the foresight he'll have?
by winkelTossa January 2, 2019
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When a woman is being violently slapped in the face with a cock and some of the penis gets in her eye causing her to close said eye and slightly open her mouth. This is best viewed in slow motion.
guy 1: I totally made that bitch cockeyed last night.
guy 2: Hear hear!! Brava!
by Ah cha cha chaaa November 16, 2009
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a girl who is looking for peninis is said to be cockeyed, or alternatively, to have cock in the eye
that chick's cockeyed
by fkr July 30, 2003
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When you shoot a load in your significant others eye ( the same eye ) everytime you have sex and she has to go to the Dr. and explain to them why she is having issues.
I cockeyed her a few times, the Dr. laughed then gave her a prescription
by Ham_Samich May 20, 2022
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a bitch whos looking for some action!1
I walked by this honey and she was looking at me cockeyed... woke up next to her this morning
by beeeyatch March 3, 2003
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