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Rando 1: who's that?

Rando 2: oh that? They're just born on August 14th so like just the most amazing person on Earth
by LeDane November 2, 2019
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National grab your girlfriends’ ass day, if you don’t have a girlfriend or you are a girl just slap your friends butt.
Jake: Hey Austin it’s August 14th!!
Austin: so?
Jake: it’s national grab your girlfriends ass day
by Tiktok addict12 October 29, 2019
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people born on this day masturbate everyday and have no W’s on no but november
law: November beat me the first day
everyone: You must be born on August 14th
by penislicker77 November 2, 2019
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August 14th is the national give your boyfriend head day.
If you have a boyfriend, you are physically required to give him head that day.
GF: "Hey, isn't it August 14th."
BF: "Yeah, why?"
GF: "Well, i gotta give you head, get ready."
by wikemazowski August 2, 2022
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Epic Person Day.
Only very epic people are born on this day. If you are born on August 14th you are a certified epic person and deserve to be recognised as an epic person.
Person 1: “yo, were your bro on August 14th?”
Person 2:”yeah, I was”
Person 1:”that means you are a verified epic person
by AnEpicPicklePerson April 20, 2021
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