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It's the Italian female equivalent of the male adjective "Bravo".
it is then referred to a woman to compliment and approve her action.

At the theater you should yell "BRAVA!" to congratulate a Soprano or other woman singer, not bravo (that's for a man)!

Bravissima is the superlative for a woman, so you can yell that to. (Bravissimo for a man)
e.g. Brava!

e.g. Brava! Ottimo lavoro!
(Brava! excellent job!)

e.g. Ms. Maria Callas was such an excellent soprano that people acclaimed yelling her, "Bravissima!"
by Vittorix January 05, 2010
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brava a person pertaining to somalia abdul is an example of one
oi bruvv you brava, cool innit see you at mosque then

oi man you bravans only eat pastas from cauldrons man,

swear down rice and meats thats what we eat us bravans!!!

at weddinngs man the elders snatch all the meats and the kids dont get any innit

bravans from the hood man the Est LDN hood
by absoluteluadfacs February 09, 2009
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