To smoke so much weed that you cannnot distinguish what you are doing.
I am so cobblestoned, how do they expect me to work under these conditions.
by Jimber Baluchie May 29, 2006
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a Northern Virginia neighborhood often refered to as "the jungle"
"Oh shit man...ain't this cobblestone?"
"Ahh, so you know about this place huh?"
"yea man I heard you dont come in here with anything less than a platoon."

by the blue moon January 10, 2008
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A racist behavior used by the staff at bars, restaurants, and nightclubs with anti-urban dress code policies. The goal of "cobblestoning" is to deny service to black patrons by baiting them into a fight over their appearance (e.g. do-rag, backwards hats, bandana, baggy jeans). The origin for this term comes from a sports bar and restaurant in York, Pennsylvania called "Cobblestones" who's manager is credited with perfecting this technique.
The only back guy in our party got "cobblestoned" at our table last night after we already ordered drinks. The club manager started a fight with him about his apparel even after he offered to remove his do-rag. They were determined to find an excuse to throw him out so we all left.
by T.J. Walsh March 24, 2007
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People who hate cobblestone are not grown up.

When people are grown up, they learn how great it is.
SSundee: Cobblestone=Life.
Crainer: I'm not grown up, I hate cobblestone.
by awesomeMB9 October 17, 2020
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It means a large, quite attractive posterior of a woman. Ex. Cake, Fat ass, Thicc
Guy 1: Yo I tapped that.

Guy 2: Do she got that cobblestone?

Guy 1: Hell yeah she thicc af.
by MaseDaddy December 24, 2018
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a term for the thugged out group of senior boys at South lakes high school who "allz they do is get down NA NA NA NAAAA"
Cobblestone loves dick
by shiiiiitttt March 3, 2003
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To drop one's testes in an open anus
Years of wear and tear on the poor woman allowed for an easy cobblestone.

She wasn't in the mood for a cleveland steamer but became excited when I mentioned cobblestoning.

I prefer to give a good cobblestone than receive a mediocre blumpkin.
by Blindianboy February 22, 2011
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