A day where you celebrate Cobblestone, Made by Minecraft YouTuber Ssundee on April 24th 2016, You can think of it as another Christmas, Or another Halloween.
Happy Cobblestone Day! Time to Celebrate!
by Joe Sean A G April 22, 2018
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The sound made when a guys balls are slapping off a chicks ass during sex, or the noise made when dudes nuts are slapping together when they are double stuffing a chick.
The sounds of Clydesdales on cobblestone echoed as my buddy and I double stuffed that chick.
by Todd Finger September 21, 2011
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Cobble stone = life is originated from ssundee a popular Minecraft youtuber for the reason to annoy his friend who did not believe in cobblestone = life
I made a golden cobble stone with 2 hours of my life cause you know cobblestone = life.
by memebean February 5, 2021
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Created by SSundee in 2016 on episode 43 of Crundee craft.

In the introduction of the YouTube video, it is stated that the only way to celebrate national cobblestone day is to “chew on it like it was a marshmallow”
You: Hey! Would you like to join me in celebrating national cobblestone day?

Friend: Of course! I’ll bring the cobblestone cake!
by xTsLzpanda July 21, 2021
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The 5th solo studio album released by acclaimed singer-songwriter Ron Sexsmith. (a.k.a. Great Sex Tapes) In my opinion, his best album, which includes great pieces of work, such as These Days, Dragonfly On Bay Street, and Gold In Them Hills.
Yeah, go and listen to your Cannibal Corpse, ya metalhead, I got Cobblestone Runway to keep me company. And it won't break my eardrums!
by strong badian March 22, 2005
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