Someone who has passed the tipping point and is now homicidal.
Glick's going to totally go Clocktower when he finds out that he's not getting hired back. What a retard.
by Legion Coleke June 28, 2009
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A person who's gone beyond the point of crazy and has finally flipped out.

Derives it's origins from the crazies who have taken a rifle to the top of a clock tower, presumably because the ticking of a giant clock is soothing to some people.
"Whoa man, did you hear that Mickey went nuts and panched that guy for dinging his car?"

"Yeah, I always thought he was a total Clocktower."


"If I don't make some friends soon, I'm gonna go Clocktower."
by Mr Fisty June 18, 2006
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A nickname for a kid whose actually named blake.
This kid must be tall-6' is preferred
His main purpose in life is to grab books from shelfs
And tell time exactly
He must also tell very very very random stories

And find 5 dollars
Hey clocktower! Whats the time?

Wanna quickie clocktower??
by sparky winsor May 9, 2005
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To deal with frustration by going on a shooting spree. Used as a way of describing a very high level of frustration.
"I'm so glad I can take a couple of weeks off or I'd be ready for some clocktower therapy."
by Andrew July 3, 2004
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A really cool japanese PS2 game featuring Alyssa, a british girl that saves tortured souls of dead people. Her skirt flys up alot.
Hey check it out... Alyssas skirt just flew up again! Booty! Whoo hoo!
by Evil Bella January 1, 2004
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A group of mental health professionals in Springfield, IL that help people with a variety of mental health problems.
I'm felling depressed so I'll go see the professionals at Clocktower Therapy Center in Springfield, IL
by c_t_therapy November 5, 2007
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a phrase that is used to cock block; it is either exclaimed out loud or said behind the back of the one being cock-blocked; in reference to the scene in Back to the Future
Bill: Check it out! Andy and Katy are really going at it.

by punkrovkr827 March 24, 2010
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