The forceful act of 3 men all named Cletus aggressively fucking each other in a car. Unlike a soup kitchen these men are not homeless. One is wearing high heels and another is wearing a Batman costume
Damn Cletus I heard you had a Cletus fest how was it?

Cletus: It was really nice. I met some other men named Cletus as well. There was a Cletus in high heels and a Batman costume. We had a nice big Alabama Cletus fest
by Big man Cletus October 16, 2018
13th October is Cletus Bartholomew Day! Celebrate by setting off fireworks & getting a cake with his face on! #goofy
Joe: What day is it?
Michelle: It’s October 13th.
Linda: Omg?! Happy Cletus Bartholomew Day!
by k19299 July 17, 2021
A shot consisting of one part Blue Chair pineapple rum and one part Blue Chair mango rum.
I can’t wait to get Cletus McNasty in my mouth tonight.
by Kdubs757 September 20, 2022
A *Cletus* is a goofy inside person. That Cletus usually is energetic and funny, and likes to be around with people. A Cletus normal look is in blue overalls for the model of a cletus. Cletus' interact with people alot and is exclusive with everybody.
by Animakerd October 10, 2022
A red neck mothafucka who chews dip and takes bathes in horse shit
that boy Cletus smell like shit

Damn nigga you right
by Taggymag October 21, 2022