(Verb) Hunting a native animal with a bowling ball
"Hey Gilbert, what're you up to this weekend" Asked Neil

"Not much cunt, might go Chut with the boys"

"Oh yeah sick, sounds way better than ten-pin"
by rotsixe January 11, 2022
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slang for vagina or even woman.
Sab sale ek chut key deewane ho rahe (transation: everyone is going nuts about the same woman)
by Raju Hyderabadi July 28, 2003
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Chut is slang for the slang word "choad", in which a man's penis is wider than it is long. It is always used in a derogatory form and often used to sum up a guy simply by how he looks and not actually after inspecting his penis. It is often used as a root word for undignified nicknames (e.g. "Chutty McChutterson", "Prince Chuttingham", etc.)
Ex. "Check out that guy with the frat crop top...what a fuckin' chut!"
by umdigi January 20, 2018
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Chubby slut who can't keep her dirty sketty hands off her 'friends' boyfriends..
OMG, i can't believe Emma got with Lucy's boyfriend last night! this is the second time. She's such a chut.
by bantasaurusrexxxxxxxxx June 21, 2011
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A chut is a small Indian boy but is commonly used to describe a male Indian. See also Chuterina which is used to describe small Indian girls but generally used to describe female Indians.

The word originates from a boy named Annay (a small Indian boy) who got the nickname ChutAnnay (in essence of mango chutney). His nickname was then shortened to Chut.
Little Johnny: Wow mum, look at that small Indian boy!
Mum: No Johnny, we don't call them that. We call him a chut.
by godling boy October 17, 2018
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Similar to "Whatever" or "Fuck Off" specific to the U.S. Marine Corps, when someone makes a statement or answers a question and you don't care to disagree because it's not worth the effort. And they really don't know what they are talking about.
GySgt Craig: What are some ways we can gain key terrain in an urban environment?

Fobbit: By going in the biggest building

GySgt Craig: Chut!!!!
by rattie80 February 3, 2011
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