(adj.) -Made famous (if not created) by the (sadly short lived) MTV show "Sifl & Olly"...

Meaning: "cool to the upmost degree"
by Rev. LancE ShaffeR March 6, 2004
It's an adjective describing something really-really cool.
hey, look at those cresent fresh skulls in my salad.
by Olly June 26, 2003
When a womans vagina is shredded by a chode so bad that the asshole and the vagina become one massive hole.
by TheFullCresent March 31, 2011
when you lay youre favorite "material" out in an arc shape in front of youreself. you then precede to masterbate furiously, once you reach the point of no return you must chose which page is youre favorite and gift them youre donation.
i walked into pauls room last night, he was sitting on his bed surrounded by magazines having a cresent wank...
by harry axe wound March 9, 2009
Cresent is a name any good parent would give their child. Cresent is a strong name a brave name a name for a hero. Anyone would and should love to have the name cresent
Cresent is just the coolest guy
by February 9, 2021