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Brannan is typically a boy's name.

It has a european origin.

It is difficult to find someone with this particular name.

Brannan is most probably a caring and kind guy. His looks draw the ladies to him but he doesn't pay them much thought. He focuses on his career and is involved in my activities. He is athletic and fun to be around
We gotta invite Brannan
by AJ_HEHEHETCK March 15, 2017
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man whore
only wants a girlfried
dresses preppy, people think he's gay
man whore
You: I hate brannan, he has been so mean to me
Your fake friend: Oh well I just started dating him, you must have done something wrong
You: Brannan is a man whore
Your fake friend: ummm no he's not
by coochiegod January 17, 2019
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