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(Verb) The act of a white woman fellating a black man's penis, so called both because of the similarities between a black penis and a clarinet (long black and cylindrical) and the fact that traditionally homely white girls play the clarinet.
"When she told her parents she was going over to her boyfriends house to go Clarinetting, they had no idea she meant she was going to go suck her black boyfriends cock."
by FunnyjunkReposter September 13, 2012
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A sexual act, pertaining to the fallating of the penis, in which the fallatator blows down the urethra while firmly gripping the base. This only occurs at the end of an oral session before he finna bust that nut in order to increase stamina during sex.
Guy 1: So last night my girl was giving me head and I knew she wanted sex after .
Guy 2: So what did you do?
Guy 1: Let's just say she was clarinetting at the end and I was all ready for round two.
Guy 2: What?
by MountainsOfMountains June 04, 2018
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